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Storage Rooms

Storage Room Information for Glen Oaks Residents

STORAGE ROOMS (located in building basement)
All storage rooms have free storage areas as well as lockable storage areas that are available for a monthly fee.

For Lockable Storage bins please call BARGOLD at 718-247-7000 for rates and rental information. 

For Free Storage areas please call Maintenance at 718-347-2337 or come into the Managment Office for an application and keys.

All Storage Rooms have a "Storage Room" sign on the door indicating the Room #.

Please remember that you are responsible for keeping your storage area neat and clean and must remove all items no longer being used. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


GOV West Storage Rooms

Storage Room #13-1 is located at 247-21 76th Avenue 

Storage Room #15-1 is located at 245-47 76th Avenue 

Storage Room #16-1 is located at 75-07 Commonwealth Blvd.

Storage Room #23-1 is located at 247-20 76th Avenue

GOV East Storage Rooms

Storage Room #30-1 is located at 74-52 260th Street

Storage Room #32-1 is located at 260-07/09 75th Avenue

Storage Room #47-1 is located at 260-22 75th Avenue (garage walk-in)

Storage Room #63-1 is located at 74-06 255th Street

Storage Room #74-1 is located at 73-30 260th Street

Storage Room #84-1 is located at 260-66 73rd Avenue (garage walk-in)

Storage Room #117-1 is located at 70-63 260th Street

Storage Room #128-1 is located at 264-05 73rd Avenue

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