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Management Overview

An Introduction and Word About Board Members & Committee Volunteers

A Board member's job is tough and at times thankless. Serving on the board is no cake walk and certainly not an ego rush. Board members spend countless hours of personal time doing the necessary work for a co-op to operate responsibly and successfully.

A good board member must be willing to do his or her homework, understand the issues and offer sober reflection on the process which often moves slower than some would like. Too quick to judgment and a "shoot from the hip" style will make it very difficult for any board member to achieve his or her objectives.

A board member is one who deals effectively with shareholders, residents, rent stabilized tenants and employees of the corporation at all levels. Board members generally come through the committee system.

Choosing the right board member should never be a popularity contest, but rather, should be a decision based upon what the individual brings to the table at a specific point in time.

Effective Board members must have the proper temperament & know how to build consensus and be able to manage the many issues that face a co-op on a daily basis. An effective board member must be able to prioritize issues by picking and choosing those issues he or she believes is important to the co-op. Make no mistake about it, there are hundreds of issues that exist and always seem to need immediate attention, all of which will compete for each board member's attention.

Board members and committee volunteers receive no pay and volunteer their time on behalf of our community. The only compensation they earn is the sense of civic pride they receive when they walk through Glen Oaks Village.

We have assembled a first rate management and maintenance staff here at Glen Oaks. Without the staff working closely with the board implementing its policies and procedures, we would never be able to achieve the goals that we had set out for ourselves.

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