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The Board of Directors tries to encourage "creative" and "value added" improvements to shareholder apartments. As part of our effort, we have simplified our Alteration Agreement process to allow many types of improvements. Our primary concern has always been to maintain the integrity and safety of our property while improving its value and usefulness to our shareholders. 


An alteration agreement can be picked up at the management or maintenance office and is where you begin the process seeking approval for major modifications. In the alteration agreement you describe among other things the requested alteration, the contractor that will do the work and a copy or drawing of the plans. The alteration agreement is then reviewed and if in proper order approved by the Board of Directors. 


There is great potential in our apartments and some alterations we have seen include:

- Skylights
- New Entrance Openings
- Vaulted/Cathedral Ceilings & Lofts...
- Ground Floor Decks & Second Floor Terraces 
either free standing or above vestibule roofs. Since many of the vestibule roofs are different (some are sloped and some are flat) the cost will vary. Architectural information is available at the management office.


In order to maintain quality control and protect the integrity of our infrastructure we may require the use of certain contractors to do some of these alterations. If you are interested in pursuing one of these improvements or some other type you should start the process by picking up an alteration agreement and properly completing it. If you need to find a licensed contractor we can provide you a list of contractors that have performed work here in Glen Oaks Village. We make no representations as to the workmanship, price or reliability of these contractors but simply provide this list as a convenience to residents. 


We will strictly enforce our alteration agreement policy and ask your cooperation. We do this in order to maintain the integrity and safety of our structures. For those of you that may have had work done in the past without getting an approved alteration agreement you may wish to bring your alteration into compliance at this time. We suggest that you do this and we will try to make it a painless and simple process. We have established a procedure to do just that, which will require that the work be inspected and/or have your contractor certify to the work that was done. You can initiate this process by completing an alteration agreement form and writing across the top "COMPLIANCE REQUEST". The fine for not having a properly approved Alteration Agreement is $1000. This fine is waived if you submit an Alteration Agreement seeking a "compliance request" prior to our discovery of an alteration that is not in compliance.


Good luck with your alteration and be sure to provide maintenance with the proper notification so the appropriate inspection appointments can be set up in accordance with the alteration agreement instructions. 


The Board of Directors

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